Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Key words about pounamu

WALT: find the key words in what we are reading to help our understanding.
I discovered that pounamu was made from magma and over time it changes colour.    
Most difficult was to find all the Key words in the story.

Next step is to start reading harder storys so then I get better at it.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Trip To Paihia

Drive...Not so fun.

At Russell.So scared AHHH

Pulling out the the skins.

The Fast Ferry we got to go on.

Out for dinner on thee water so fun.

Relaxing in the the pool so happy.

Calling in an old fashion phone booth.

We made it to Cape Reinga...it took 2.5 hours drive from Paihia. I didn't want to go but it was worth it.

Hanging out with my mum at Cape Reinga.

I loved sand boarding in the sand dunes at Ninety mile beach. You got to go soo fast and you used your feet for brakes.

On the 12th of April we started our adventure. We went to Club Paihia in the Bay of Islands. It was a looonnnng way from home. We left home at 6.15am and got to Paihia at 4.30 pm. We only had 3 short stops.
I met some new friends, they were staying at the same place as us. We stayed there for a week.
We lots of exciting things.
First we went to Russell (Kororareka as it was once known) on a ferry. It was a beautiful place. We visited the French Mission and learnt about the first books that were made by Marists. We got to see how they made leather for the book covers.
We went to Waitangi and got to see where they signed the treaty and watched a tradtitional maori ceremony. My dad had to be the vistors chief and do a Hongi with the Hapa haka group. It was quite scary but fun.
We also visited Kerikeri and saw the oldest house in NZ - Kemp house. The lady told us all about the first white people who came to live in NZ and how scary it must have been because Hongi Heka was a fearsome warrior...but he liked the missionaries because they had tools and could teach the Maori new skills that they didn't know. So he protected them even though he fought other tribes.
My favourite thing was zooming down the sand dunes at Ninety mile beach. My dad even had a go he was going down really fast. I got the prize for the biggest crash !!! My mum and dad couldn't stop cracking up.
It was to leave the Bay of Islands because we had lots of fun....especially swimming in the pool every day.
On the way home we got to stay with my great aunty Rosemarie in Tauranga. I loved staying with her and her dog Molly. It was also lots of fun because we got to spend Easter with her.
I would love to go to the Bay of Islands because it was a blast.