Friday, 19 September 2014

My inquiry

 WALT:Gather information


Matrix showing what you think and what your inquiry teacher thinks.

Every Wednesday we have been learning about the inquiry process while finding out about different cultural dress from around the world. The first stage of an inquiry is to gather information ‘Get It’. First we chose a culture we wanted to find out more about and then started researching.

1. What are you most proud of?I am proud of getting my information write so it did look like a japan fan.

2. What did you find challenging?I found that getting all the write information was a big challenge.

3.  My next ‘Get It’ goal is?To think of something different and not make the same thing over and over again.

Monday, 15 September 2014

catch me if you can

Catch Me If You Can

This term we have been learning to get free for a pass. We have practiced a dodge, a change of pass and using a change of direction to get away from a defender so we are free for a pass.

Task: Create a video to demonstrate your learning
Success Criteria:
· Use a good filming technique
· Think about your pass
· Name the move you are doing
· Clearly show the move
· Show a variety of moves

2 Stars and a wish
· use the 2 stars to think about 2 things you really liked and got better at during this terms catch me if you can
· use the wish to think about 1 thing that could be improved.


My wish's and goals 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Magical Maths

This is my maths that I have been working on this week.

Maths Sample

The blue question is the easiest and the green question is the most difficult.

Task:        Choose at least 2 questions to answer and record the questions, thinking and answers on your blog. Your thinking may be in the form of photos (from your maths book or using equipment or a whiteboard), an educreations or show me clip.

Success Criteria:
o   Question, thinking and answer recorded
o   Clear thinking
o   Use what you know to help
o   Correct answer (buddy check)


You have 20 jellybeans to place on a cake.
Each ¼ of the cake should have the same number of jellybeans on it.
How many jellybeans go on each ¼?

Alex and his friends ate 12 slices of pizza.
Each slice is ¼ of a pizza.
How many pizzas do they eat altogether?

There are 20 lollies on a birthday cake.
If you eat 2/5 of the cake, how many lollies do you eat?

There are 30 children who go to a country school. 3/5 of them travel to school by bus.
How many children is that?

Reflection ECG
Thinking back over your fraction learning…

What do you know and/or understand?
I understand my maintenance because I draw a picture to help me understand it more so I get the answer right.
What could you do now to further your learning?
I could stop asking for help and try to work it out on my own and if I get really stuck I get a little help

How do you feel about your learning or what you have learned?
 I feel great about it because I think that I got most of the questions right.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

my mihi

This is my mihi that I made with the manawatu river,my parents,the mountains, russell street school and me.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My languages

"Hola" - you say it with a silent H so OLA
Lets learn about Spain…

This is where the country Spain is on the map
This is the national flag of Spain

This man is Antonio Banderas, a famous spanish actor. He was the voice of Puss in the Shrek movies

This lady is wearing the national dress for Spain.
In 2014….
Live in Spain

In Spain it is very hot - especially in the middle of the day - so they shut up their shops and everyone goes and has a sleep for a few hours. This is called having a SIESTA.

Hola - spanish 

aloha - Hawaii

Bonjour - French

Ni ho - Chinese

Bula -Fiji

These are the different languages I chose to learn this week.

I hope you like them.