Monday, 30 November 2015


Defending ball
you hit the brim of hop 
your frustrated & angry 
you miss the hop
Playing Netball

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Inquiry, Graduation

Description: For Inquiry this term, I did Graduation. I am making the Hats. We are making the Hats with Black building paper so then its not as flimsy as paper and it is tough. For the top of the hats we are putting there name and there class on the top using cool fonts and then printing them off. We are braiding the wool into the top of the hat and the colour of the wool will be be the colour of there house colour,      ( Example ) Kiwi ( Red ) Kea  (Green) Tui (Yellow) and Kereuru ( blue) . Graduation is at boys high Hall.


The Future Focus: This term we have been learning the future so here are my future thoughts. The year 6's next might want hats as good as this year. So I just think that if they put their mind to it they just might make them better.

Question 1: How did I inspire creativity and Agency? I showed creativity by sharing all my ideas and using my imagination and turning ordinary ideas and building onto them. I showed Agency by Not getting frustrated when someone from hats was not here I just carried on like how I was before.

Question 2: What was the most challenging thing?  The most challenging thing for me was staying calm and not getting stressed and also make all 53 hats to our highest ability.

Question 3: If you had to change anything what would it be? I would have more people on hats so then it won't take us as long as it did and I would have some more people helping the boys learn how to plait so then there is actually a learning process going on.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Free verse poetry

Poetry writing

"Squeak Eek" The creaky gate opens.
Little baby pups jumping up on me one by one ,
There delicate claws digging into my skin, 
It almost feels like there leaning in for a hug,
2 days passed still trying to chose, 
Finally we found the one,
We called her Maggie.
The moment she was in my arms I rub her soft fur against me, 
I could nearly taste her fur.
The drive home was an amazing feeling ,

We finally had ourselves a baby puppy!!!


See, Feel, Taste, Hear, Smell
Next time I could improve on making my Story a bit more detailed so then I can hook the reader in and also make them feel how I was feeling like at that time that we got Maggie.I could also try to add all the language features that we had been given to use.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Blooms questions

List the three main characters right now in the story.....Paula, Ken and Eddie

Where is this story based... Pearl Harbour

What question would you ask in a interview with Paula... How did you feel when Ken had to leave?
Whats it like in America?

Friday, 6 November 2015

Self Directed

I think I am a Self Directed learner because I am a role model to some kids and I can cooperate in a group with other kids.
The goal that I am currently working on is I am able to prioritise my learning and show flexibility when changes need to be made.
The things I need to do to achieve this goal are to stay calm when changes are made and not just give up becasue it has muddle up my time table..