Thursday, 22 September 2016

Risk Taking Action Plan

Description: In the last two weeks some kids have been working with Elly Troy and Nic and some teachers from Ashhurst school about what it takes to take a risk. This whole process is about putting your self in the pit and trying some thing new that is out of your comfort zone. we got given some stripes of  paper with a whole lot of risks on them and we had to rank them from the most riskiest to the lest. My most riskiest was to sing in front of an audience but my action plan was to have a partner and even on the way Bella, Zara and I had an idea to disguise our selfs so we wouldn't have to use our actually voices. Today all of the kids who got chosen to do JK were taking out side. We got given a script for what we are going to say and we also got given 3 action plan sheets and 3 sheets of risks. We had to take 3 or 4 kids and we talked to them about what they need to do when they take a risk. In my group I had Mayson, Jake and Max. I was their coach and I helped them through when they were ranking their risks and when they were filling in what resources and what things they think they will need to complete the task ect. After we had finished filling in the form my group had to email me a thank you letter. Here is the emails that Mayson, Jake and Max emailed me and a photo of my group and I working together...

Max Barry 
Hi um thanks for helping me figure out what my risk because yea so thanks
I forgot to say what you could do next time 
You should explain the task a bit better or something

Jake Crawford

Thank you for letting me find out the risky things and the least risky things because I wouldn't of done that because I never actually wanted to do that.

Next time you could explain the task better even though I knew what to do.

Thanks Jake 🙂🙃

Mayson Maru

Dear Hannah 
Thanks For Helping Me By Showing Me Risky Things 
From Mayson Leon Maru

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