Saturday, 26 March 2016

Persuasive writing

Description: In Poutama this term we went on camp and thought that it would be a good idea to write about all of the new experiences we did. We got to choose what type of writing we did from the Pies chart. The pies chart means Persuade (what I did), Inform, Entertain and Self. I chose Persuade because I thought that we should have a camp every year so I needed to write a letter to tell David what I was asking. I am proud of this writing piece because I feel that I have got the real message to David so that he might possibly say yes. I hope that you like my letter persuading why we should have a different camp every year.

Dear David 
I just wanted to ask you a huge favour ( like seriously huge) if we could have camp every year?

 If we could go on a new camp every year I would love that because we could make new friendships. That is great for our learning because we will always have our friends there to help and support me. On the camp that we went on just a few weeks ago I made friends with Telaina and Emma and they great friends to me.

At camp it is a great learning experience because we get to try new and different foods and experience a different live style.

This years camp was so fun because I got to try new activities like rafting and rifles and those were super awesome. Going to the beach was a blast especially swimming with Gaby in the sea and watching all the tiny fish float over the waves.

 I hope that this note has persuaded you enough that you will let us have a school camp every year.

Feedback/Feedforward: Very persuasive writing Hannah if I were David I would say we could have a camp every year because your story was very persuasive. Next time you could try and put more juicy words in but other then that it was awesome. - Hannah G

Evaluation: I think that putting the whole letter together with a little help was easy but picking the three main topics and and knowing where to put  everything was a bit of a challenge for me but I think that over time it will get a bit easier.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Te reo whakapapa

Description: In poutama the people who do Te Reo made a whakapapa while the others were at Kapa Haka. I do Kapa Haka so that is why my whakapapa is small. A whakapapa is is a family since we wrote it in English we translated it to Maori. First I had to think of all my family names and then put them on the page. The part I found reasonably tricky was knowing where to put the names because I was not sure if my mum and dads siblings went to the side or went above. I found that Matt the teacher was a great help because he showed me a couple of examples of his own so I new what I was doing. This is a photo of my whakapapa. I hope you like it...


Feedback I like the way you drew your whakapapa
Feedforward: I think you should have zoomed in to the picture.
- Yassmine

Evaluation: I think that translating the English to Maori and knowing my family names was pretty easy but I found that knowing were to put the names and how to place it was quite tricky for me.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 Camp portfolio diary

Description: Last week Poutama, Flo7ish and Poutokomanuwa went to El Rancho for our school camp. We left school on Tuesday and left camp on Friday. There were 10 activities to do and my first two were Archery and Mini golf. The 10 activities were Rifles, Rafts, Archery, Mini golf, Waterslide, Slip 'n' Slide, Pool, Kayaking, Horse riding, Team initiative and Low Ropes. On Wednesday night we made smores with hot warm marshmallows and chocolate biscuits, They were delicious. We also played spotlight after smores so I had sticky fingers through the whole game. After spotlight we lined up for the scare.  Unfortunately Gaby and I were at the end of the line so they didn't have any masks on and they didn't even scare us. One of the adults dared Gaby and I to scare the teachers back when they scared us so I did. Each night we wrote in the camp diary that you can see below this. The pictures under the diary are my camp goals and my daily activities that I did.
I hope you enjoy my camp experience!!!


Feedback/Feedforward:good job Hannbann! - Gaby


Friday, 4 March 2016

One Word 2016 Portfolio Post

Description: In Poutama we came up with a one word to strive for this year. As you can see my one word is kindness. I chose this word because last year I had a few friendship issues and I feel I was part of the problem so this year I want to be more kind to people and treat them the way I would like to be treated. I tried two different ways of writing my word kindness in my writers notebook. We got given a chose of going to a colour workshop with Nic, Elly was doing a block letter workshop and Troy did a shaping workshop. First we had to get our photo taken by Elly, Then I measured the length and width in between my hands and started to create. After we had drawn and then coloured it in we went all around our letter in a vivid to make it pop. The 2 little people inside the N's are a sign of kindness because the 2 first people are hugging after having an a disagreement and the people in the second N are showing that they are friends again and are happy. I hope that you like my piece of art!!!

another image is coming...

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did great on one word i love the detail you put on it and there are no gaps it looks beautiful your feed back is that you could of made the boarder bigger so that it looks like your actually looks like you are holding it.
- Yassmine

Evaluation: I think that the finished product looks great but I think that choosing what colours go right with rainbow was a bit tricky and also thinking of were the people would look best. The easy  part was putting my whole creation together.

Camp goals

Description: In 2 more school days we will being going on a school camp to El Rancho. The picture that you see is my camp goals that I am aiming to achieve while I am on camp. My personal goal is related to my one word for 2016. Kindness is my word. I have never done archery before so the
s will be a big new learning experience.