Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: For Science we did seed2table. Seed2table is when you split up into 4 even groups and each week group one and two will cook first and then when it is time for group three and four to cook they go and work in the garden. I was working with Charlotte W and Charlotte H for gardening and we planted carrots. Our task was to keep everything the same except for one thing so we changed the soil. We found that the coffee grew the best for the other groups so next time I might use coffee and see how it grows, We used plain water and none of them grew but the one with soil and hay witch was mine grew a couple of weeds. Now back to the cooking, for the first week we cooked Pumpkin soup with a homemade bread and for dessert we made feijoa muffins and pinwheel cinnom scones. 'The second week we made corn fritters with potato chips and some cail chips, for dessert we had apple crumble. For the last week we made pasta with homemade meatballs and sauce, for dessert we had melted chocolate pudding. We did seed2table every Friday.


Evaluation: Seed2table was easy when we we were doing the cooking because we had a recipe but the first week was a little tricky because we had never tried making pumpkin soup. When we were gardening it was a bit tricky because we did not have a recipe and also our plant did not grow and we don't know why.

Feedback/Feedforward: I feel like you did really well at preparing the apple crumble because it taste delicious but next time you could maybe do more of the learning.

Maths with Nic

Description: In maths today we worked on a problem that went a little like this...                    We took about a week to finish this problem because we all found it very hard to work out. We did to questions but I do not have an image of that because I ran out of time. Here is a little image of my working out...


Evaluation: I think that I did a very good job but maybe next time I could get some more help so it does not take as long.

Feedback/Feedforward: Coming soon

Priorities and extensions

Description: Today I was working on my handwriting and everything els you see in this image. Today was a bit if a challenge because I had to fit everything in on a small amount of time. Here is a image of my learning I did for priorities and extensions!!!!!!


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Description: Today for my Spelling  I wrote two sentences that had a metaphor in them. At first I had know idea what that was so I searched it up. When it came up on the page it just told me it was a type of speech in a sentence so I thought of this. It can be quiet tricky sometimes because I sometimes forget if I have stopped or started a speech. Here is a image of my two sentences…

 Evaluation: I think that thinking up a sentence and putting speech into to it was tricky but they rested of it was easy for me.


Description: Today for my spelling we got given a task to go and pick a poem and write it down as fast as we can in under five minutes. Tayla and I got 4 or 5 done under 5 minutes. Your writing still had to be Legible, Accurate and fast and I think that I ticked all the things off the list. Here is a photo of all my poems I wrote…


Evaluation: I feel like keeping my writing accurate and fast at the same time is a bit tricky but I think if I keep on practising I will get there.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Description: Today in reading I started my 300 essential words. I did not finish this activity because I had two workshops with Elly so I did not have time. These words are the words that I got wrong in my test. We had to work on five but I only got time to do three. Here is a image of my test and 300 essential words...

Evaluation: I think that placing everything out on the page was easy but remembering that the letters go one by one was a bit tricky as you can see I did some rubbing out.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Reading 1 workshop

In my reading workshop 1 we learnt how to skim a story. Skimming a story is when you just swep your eyes over the text but you still get information out of the text. Sometimes you only pick up the interesting parts of the story. The way that I predicted what it was is because I thought about when you skim a stone and how you jump over the water just like you jump over the words our paragraph.
Here is a summerier of skimming...

Image: Coming...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Reading with Charlotte

Description: In my reading group I am working with Charlotte. We got given a reading follow up to ask questions about 10 Facts about earth and say if it is either a Right there question, A think and search, Author and me or a on my own. We had to have all 4 of the summary's on each question. A right there question is when you don't have to go and look through out the book it is right in the text. A think and search is when it is in the text but you have to go and look for it through out the book. Author and me is when you can ask a question about the story but the answer won't be in there because you have to information from the author or someone who knows. And last but not least On my own is when you have knowledge you already know about the story. This is a image of the 5 questions I asked after my workshop.


Evaluation: I feel like this task was kind of easy but having to think up 10 questions that were relevant was quiet hard.

Feedback/Feedforward:  I think you did well remembering what was a right there question and like what a think and search questions but next time you could use your time more wisely so you can get more done.

Description: Today for my reading one follow up we got given a instruction to go and think up 10 questions that had the answer moon. This was quite tricky to think up 10 questions but in the end I did it. We had to do this because in my workshop today we were working on things that happen around the earth and things that happen on earth. I found this challenging for my brain because I had to think of ten questions that answer moon and also five questions that are either  Right there question, A think and search, Author and me or a on my own. I hope you like my questions...

Evaluation: This task was reassembly easy partly because my brother gave me a bit of help but it was still a little bit of a challenge for me to think the rest up.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think that you did well writing down all the ten questions about the moon { it is very very impressive} but next time you could try doing it independently.

Monday, 9 May 2016


Description: This Term we have Seed2Table on Friday. We made pumpkin soap and a nice bread to go with it. For dessert we had feijoa muffins and cinnom pin wheel scones. I cut the pumpkin and also peeled it. After morning tea the two groups swap over so I went to Plan our gardening. I am working with Charlotte H and Charlotte W in gardening. When w plant or seeds we can only change one thing so we changed the type of souls to see if that does anything to the way it grow's. This is a picture of how the table was set up but I did not get any pictures of our planing. I hope you like it...

Evaluation: I think that the cooking part was tricky because we used a special tool to cut them and the pumpkin was to tough for me to cut but the planning for the garden was pretty easy.

Feedback/Feedforward: I liked how you were careful with all the tools you needed to use.
Next time you could try something new in the recipe.

300 Essential Words

Description: I think that I did very good on my test because the mistakes I made I think are a easy fix. I got most of the 300 words right I just need to fix fourteen more witch I think will be easy to complete. Next time I think that I am going to slow down and have a think about how to spell the word because most of them I know how to spell I was just rushing. This is a image of my spelling test.

Evaluation: I fell like the test was kind of easy because they were simple words but I think that next time I could take my time because when I looked back at my test some of the words I know I got wrong.

Feedback/Feedforward: I liked how you made sure if the words needed capital letters or not before you wrote it down but next time you could try not rush.


Description: This is a piece of my writing that we had to copy down to see how much we could write down in 5 minutes. Your piece of writing had to be Accurate, Legible and fast. After copying down the We got scored from 1 to 4. My score was four because I had put all my capital letters and full stops in the right place and also it needed to be able to read. I think that I did a good job copying down the poem because I ticked of all the priorities you needed to have. Here is a image of my writing...

Evaluation: I think that copying down the poem was easy but having such a short time to write it all down neatly was tricky.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think that you did well keeping your letters on the line and also having your letters tidy.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Maths Evidence Portfolio Sample

Description: This is the evidence of what I am doing for maths. Some of these images are form nics workshop because I have carried the task on for the rest off maths.As you can see at the end of all the images there is a image of the mixels maths. We used the mixels maths to help us with our fractions like if we had 1/5 we would have to change that into to a half of a whole.


Evaluation: I feel like this term I have improved a lot in my maths but some times it was hard and I was tempted to give up but I did not and I am glad that I didn't.

Feedback/Feedforward: I feel like you did very well and you did a lot of math work in the past term but next time you could try and show your evidence of learning a bit more.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Buddy Art

Description: Last term we made the Sarah Platt art with our buddy's that you see below. My buddy Zoey and I made a rugh sketch of our piece of the art in our think books. We got given a tiny piece of paper that had the picture on it that we had to enlarge it onto a big piece to complete the art. After we had a good picture of what we needed to draw we went on and started our good copies. When we had finished lightly drawing out or part of the art we went ahead and started colouring. We got the chose any type of way we want to colour it in as long as we did the same colours in the picture. Zoey and I only used pencil but you could have used pencil, pastel, paint, dye, paper masha or any thing you could possible think of. Next we drew vivid around it all to make it look bold and pop. The art is not perfect because we have the other pieces to match up we just had to believe that it would look amazing which I think it does. I hope you like room Ten and room Twelves Sarah Platt art.              


Evaluation: During this art I think that Zoey and I found getting sketch right was a bit tricky because we did not know if it would line up with the other pieces but other than that I think that that this Sarah Platt are has turned out amazing.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you have lightly sketched in your think book and let your buddy [Zoey] do some of the work too. maybe next time you could make it a bit more straight.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Term 2 Labels

These are our labels for term two.
Maths, Reading, Writing, PE, Science, The Arts, Te Reo,