Monday, 20 June 2016

Japaneze Portfolio Sample

Description: This term the year 6's from Poutama and Poutokomanua are all learning Japanese with Kelly every Thursday. In two weeks time we are going on a bus to IPU to learn a bit more about the Japanese culture. I have already learnt so much like how to spell my name and how to say 1 through to 10 but most of all I can say my name in a sentence all in Japanese. I feel that  learning a new language is quiet hard because I have never tried learning Japanese so I had know idea when I first started. I found myself stuck in the learning pit learning how to introduce myself because I had to memories the whole sentence in one afternoon.I have had so much fun this term learning Japanese but sadly we are finishing up in two weeks. I have so much fun sharing my Japanese learning with you, I hope you enjoy.


Feedback/Feedforward: I think that you have done so well this term in Japanese learning a new language with Kelly and Kate next time you could add more sides.

Evaluation: I feel like I have had a great time and learnt lots but next time I could possibly do some homework so then the thing that I needed to memories is sunk into my head.

Kapa Haka Portfolio Sample

Description: This term for Kapa Haka we have been learning new songs for the performance at the regent on Tuesday. Before the regent we are going to have a consent on Friday in the school hall. I love practising Kapa Haka every Monday in the afternoon because it lets me have fun and sing and dance to songs. I hope you like the video of us practising some of our songs...


Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you are so passionate about Kapa Haka. Next time I think you could add in some of the names of the songs so other people can practice them. Charlotte W

Evaluation: I think that I am doing very well learning the new songs because I pick them up very quick but I think that if I was still at this school next year my goal would be to become a leader so I can help others learn the new songs.

Sea Turtle Writing Portfolio Sample

Description: This term for writing we have been working on a report about sea turtles. I have been working so hard on this report making sure that I have all the facts that I can possibly get. This report is all about the Eggs, Baby sea turtles, Growing up and when they are Adults. Here is the report I wrote about the sea turtles life...


Feedback/Feedforward: I think that you did very well at your sea turtle report because you added a lot of information but maybe next time you could try not to repeat your self.
Charlotte H

Evaluation: I feel like my sea turtle report is good because I got all the information I had in my plan into the report but the thing that I felt was tricky was getting everything in order and not repeating my self.

Cross Country

Description: Today my goal is to come first and go to interschool because every year I have come second to my best friend yassmine so this year I want to come first. I think that this goal is acomplishable if I believe in my self even if I have the stitch dont stop moving.

Interschool Reflection Portfolio Sample

Description: Two weeks ago in week six we had cross country at Skoland park. After all the races 5 of the yr 5's and yr 6's were picked to compete against 12 other schools on a farm for inter school. I was one of the kids that were chosen to go and I had so much fun on Thursday in week 7. When we came back on the bus we were covered in mud and some kids even had to get new shoes because they were so muddy and smelt like cow poo. I hope you like some of the photos that were taken...


Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did really well in the inter school coming 36th but maybe next time you could make a higher goal.
- Charlotte H

Evaluation:I feel that I don't need to work on anything els because I came first and I did my very best and I am happy so I don't need to work on anything els.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Moon inquiry Portfolio Sample

Description: Here a video all about the moon. We had to make a slide show of the moon for our inquiry. I was working with Tayla and we worked so hard on it because we had to do alot of research to get as many facts as possible. Here is the slide show...


Feedback/Feedforward: i think that you did well on making it nice and easy to read but next time add some more information.
Ruby Marsh

Evaluation: I feel that the finishing results were very good because it came out how we wanted but next time I think that I could mange my time more wisely so I get it finished fast.