Sunday, 31 July 2016

Measurements Go

Description:  Today for Maths I was still working on Troys coffee cup and I solved the problem. I found out the you can fit 321 beans in Troys coffee cup if it weighs 500g all together.  My equipment I used was a Kitchen scale, A mug, Some counters and my maths book. Here is a photo of my Passport and my working out and equipment...

Fish Tank Plroblem

Description: Today for the start of maths we got given a Problem to solve witch was... If you had one tank that you needed to fill up with 1L but you only had 2 containers that had 7L in one and 4L in the other but you had use both the containers to fill the tank up. How are you going to do this? I said to put 1/2 of each container in. After that I went to go work on my passport but then Methat came up to me a said that he could not work his problem out and nether could I so we went to Elly for help. Methat and Levi and I basically had a little workshop together. We solved to problems with Elly and the I solved one without Elly. I did not get any photos of this learning but I got a photo of my passport. Here it is....

Measurements go 26/7

Description: Today for maths we got to have some fun experiments with all types of different scales. We got to chose from our passport witch problem we want to solve, so I chose Troys coffee cup. For this problem we had to find out how many coffee beans are in Troys coffee cup and how much all the beans weighed together. Today I only found out how much they weigh but did not get round to counting all of them in time.. Here is some photos of my work and my equipment I used...

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Writing with Troy

Description: For Writing I am in Troys group. We are working on finding words to replace all the dead and boring words like Nice, Cool, Good and words like that. I am working with Aria and we are finding some words to replace Nice and Boring. We got to chose a boring word to replace with other words we think are better and more exciting. Here are some results that we thought could replace good and Boring.

Instead of Nice, Use…

  • Courteous
  • Charming
  • Gentle
  • Gracious
  • Favourable
  • Delightful
  • Well-Mannered
  • Pleasant
  • Considerate
  • Polite
  • Friendly
  • Superior

Instead of boring, Use...

  • Dull
  • Terrible
  • Horrible
  • No good
  • Unexciting
  • Stupid
  • Lifeless
  • Colourless
  • Uninteresting
  • Tireless
  • Tirsome
  • Tedious

Friday, 8 July 2016

Science with Troy

Description: For Science Ruby K and I have been learning about how lightning forms. We have put together a little video about what we have learnt and if the experiment went. If you would like to try this experiment all you need is a balloon, wool nyon or fluff and a wall, tell me in the comments if your experiment worked or not. I am not going to tell if it was a success or a fail because you have to watch the video if you want to find out. Here is the video below↓


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

Description: Yesterday I had my Student Led Conference and I feel that I have had a great year knowing the fact that Elly marked me constitally on my report. Here are some of the questions that I had to reflect on from my Student Led Conference...

1) How do you think you did on your SLC? What was the highlight?

I feel like my conference went really well because I got to share the behind the scene of my learning. My highlight was that Elly put all the ticks in the constitally lane.

2) What did you do differently to make your SLC stand out?

I made it my own by sharing the details that I didn't have in the post so then my parents know more about it like my Japanese post didn't have about IPU so I talked  a little about that.

3) How will you make your Home Led Conference in Term 3 be awesome? What things might you do to make it awesome?

I will make my home led conference awesome by talking about the experience of the post because I had not talked about that in my post before so I could make it more interesting for my term 3 home led conference.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Maths patterns

Description: For maths today Nic had a workshop with all the girls who are in Nic's group. We were making repeating patterns with the beans but not just any line pattern, we got to design it our selfs to make it our own so I made this funny looking man that had two eyebrows ( 1 green and 1 yellow ), a funky looking nose that was red and a little blue mouth just to finish him off. We had to rotate round the circle to try and continue each others pattern but we did not get round everyones because because we were running out of beads but it was still super fun. Here is the photo that was taken of the circle...